Sri Lanka's Finest Teas

Deep in the heart of Sri Lanka lies the beautiful unspoiled land that birthed our exquisite Tevine teas. Some of the world’s finest teas grow in the hills and valleys of this warm island paradise.

As products of an unpolluted earth, invigorating air, crisp water, and lavish light, these luxurious teas delight the senses and transport the soul back to its pure and vibrant origins.

Picking our teas

Our tea pickers awaken before sunrise to delicately select the first two leaves and one new bud of each tea plant.

These dew kissed leaves are the youngest leaves nature offers. The freshly picked leaves are packed in cane baskets to ensure they do not get bruised or crushed and then travel to a factory.

They arrive at the factory by late morning and are immediately spread into a withering trough. Cool air passes through, pulling around 65% of the moisture from the green leaves.

processing our teas

The tea maker gently examines the green leaves and based on feel and appearance determines if they are sufficiently withered. The leaves are then twisted using “kithul”palm wood fitted rollers, maximizing the twist and bringing the natural essence within the leaves to the surface. Through gradual pressure, the leaves are ruptured, mixing enzymes and substrates, and producing a fermentation reaction. This creates the desired liquoring characteristics.

The rolled leaf passes through the roll-breaker to separate particles sizes. Then, they’re fermented for 30-90 minutes, depending on the type of liquor required. The tea leaves are fed to a drier and dried for 20 minutes to preserve the liquoring characteristics. When the fired tea is cooled, it is taken for cleaning and grading.

The Blend Master

Tevine has it's own Blend Master. He has more than 40 years of experience in the tea trade. His hands-on approach means he personally approves each and every tea blend.

Through dedication and determination, he has built relationships with many of the finest tea producers in Sri Lanka and around the world. Through these close connections, he gives Tevine the leading edge, securing the finest teas at optimum plucking time and at the best possible prices. In turn, Tevine proudly delivers these benefits and privileges to our customers.

Why Tevine

Over 35 Years of service in the tea industry.

Available in select stores.

Sourced directly from tea plantations.

Our Blends

Expertly blended by our Blend Master.

Hand picked specialty herbs and natural flavors.

Unique and delicious blends.

Our Process

Harvested at the perfect time by expert tea pluckers.

Withered and rolled at our processing centers in Sri Lanka.

Dried, sorted and packaged to lock in flavors and aromas.

Quality Guarantee

Always fresh.

Long shelf life.

Durable packaging.